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Iqos has many flavors with fruit flavours

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Fruit Heets in Dubai

Menthol sticks are a great choice for daily use. Their taste is always refreshing and never boring. How pleasant it is to freshen up with rich menthol in summer weather. Menthol sticks for IQOS are the most popular in the UAE and are used by its residents on an ongoing basis. Menthol sticks are very different from menthol cigarettes, if only because the IQOS heating system does not burn tobacco, but heats it using a unique technology, which greatly affects the quality of taste. We recommend that you try our position and are fully confident that you will like it. Menthol sticks give off a pleasant chill, which helps a lot on hot days in the UAE, because you don’t really want to smoke strict tobacco under the scorching sun, and the menthol taste will provide a pleasant chill in your throat and a pleasant feeling

These include:

Heets Tropical Swift – a mixture of tropical fruits with menthol, slightly sweet and very pleasant. The new taste pleasantly surprised users and is perfect for everyday use. Saturation – below average; Density – below average; Fragrance – pronounced

Heets Turquoise – This is menthol cold and velvety tobacco blend with delicate spicy notes. Refreshing and Cooling: Freshness – below average; Saturation – below average; Density – below average; Fragrance – mildly pronounced

Heets Purple Wave – Purple Wave sticks have a mild menthol flavor with a berry undertone. The taste is quite pleasant, refreshing, not too intense, just right. Sticks HEETS Purple Wave, and earlier they were simply called HEETS Purple, are the most popular, it can be concluded that people also recognize this taste as the best.

Heets Green Zing – Great natural taste with no chemical flavors. Pleasant sensation of spice and lime when smoking and a sweetish aftertaste with sourness with light menthol. Overall, the flavor range is in line with the current demand for a fresh menthol aftertaste. On an ongoing basis, it is a very popular flavor among users on an ongoing basis.

Heets Fiit Crisp – Refreshing citrus-menthol flavor. Very bright and invigorating. Sounds like Turquoise Label Heets and Green Zing.

Heets Dimension Ammil – Something between a cool mojito and a bouquet of fragrant field herbs. The taste is fresh, herbal and very unusual.

Heets Creation Glaze – Opening the pack, you can smell the bright scent of mint. The manufacturer presents Glaze as a mix of aromatic herbs and spices. A pleasant creamy aftertaste remains at the finish


Buy Heets menthol in UAE

You can personally taste all IQOS sticks and see their taste. Our service is the best in the UAE. We do our best to provide the highest comfort to our clients. Our goal is to make order Heets online as easy as possible. heets tobacco sticks price in our store are as loyal to our customers as possible. The number of our customers allows us to sell Heets with a minimal mark-up. We are confident that you will be satisfied after you buy Heets Dubai and try them in person. Heets color difference speaks about the difference in taste of the sticks themselves and each pack has a unique aroma heatsticks. The menthol line of flavors is very different from the ordinary tobacco products of the IQOS company. We have in stock the widest assortment of both hardened and loved by all tastes, and new products. You can try everything personally after ordering from the catalog of our website. We deliver Heets to the address you provided. We have our own courier service and we are responsible for the quality of its work. We do not share data with third parties. Our support team will help you choose the flavor you want and answer your questions

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