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This is a standard (already familiar to many) packaging measuring 7.5 cm (length) x 5 cm (height). They are quite compact in size when compared with a normal pack of smokes and these sticks will fit in just about any pocket.

Color difference. HEETS Amber sticks have a bright orange shirt border.

Within the pole:

Outwardly, it doesn’t differ from an unused stick, but inside it’s black (burnout effect). The paper where the glued tobacco sticks are wrapped is thick, made from foil.

As for the flavor, we can say it is really brighter than, by way of instance, HEETS Yellow Label sticks, and the latter have a milder taste. The taste of these Amber HEETS sticks does not include any noticeable odors or some other distinctive flavors. Soft, not very durable, that is all. Adds little walnut motifs. Occasionally in the odor and flavor you can grab the”bath” notes, which isn’t bad, but hard to describe.

These sticks have the “pleasure” property. The manufacturer isn’t lying. We also wish to add that the taste is extremely straightforward. This is what most customers love. No buttons with lemon, mint, currant, or the odor of wood pranksters. No defects in the style of “luxury and delirium”, just delicious tobacco.

Benefits :

accessibility, you can buy it everywhere, in shops in UAE
handy size
one stick Is Sufficient
reasonable cost

– may seem too powerful

Our prices for HEETS Amber is going to be the lowest among other tobacco stores in UAE

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